Tracking wildlife


One of my greatest passions in life and something I am very enthusiastic about (although it doesn’t seem a particularly tidy hobby!), is tracking wildlife- that moment when you actually see the wildlife and witness its behaviour is an amazing moment, but for me the best part of it is the chase; tracking wildlife and reading the signs left by them really opens your mind and allows to see the natural world in an entirely different light. Tracking can encompass anything from footprints, trampled grass or scratches to broken shells, pellets or scat- because it is so varied it can sometimes be difficult to tell one thing from the other, but it’s also this variation that makes tracking so incredibly interesting!.

For me my love of tracking started at an early age, running around simply picking up anything I could lay my hands on!, occasionally I would pick up an object that was rather different from the others; it might have a different smell, shape or colour, and it was therefore I would have a real desire to find out why this particular small something was different from the other small somethings, and as a result what was it?. This means that over the years I have obtained quite a large collection of shells, dried insects, stones and pellets, and my interest in these things continues to this day.

Here are a few examples of the samples I’ve obtained through my love of tracking:

And there’s many more examples that I will be happy to share with you!, in addition to these examples I will also be giving descriptions of many prominent signs of wildlife which regularly crop up.

Please feel free to contact me here if you are having trouble with identifying any scat, pellets, shells, or remains and I will try my best to analyse it and identify it and the wildlife that it belongs to for you. (Note: remember that a description of the environment you found the object in and also its size and even texture can be key to the identification of the object/s):

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