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Rewinding and Rewilding

I have devoted this page on my site to one of the most interesting and important topics of the natural worlds modern age; Rewilding.

Rewilding is an extremely interesting and exciting topic in my opinion because it’s an adventure, not into the unknown but still travelling to lands not visited for many years – I myself burst with excitement when I think of the highly intelligent, cruel beauty of the powerful grey wolf padding through the trees, woodlands and highlands of Britain, Wales and  Scotland. The blood flowing through his veins, pumped strongly by his strong heart as the scent of prey floods his scent glands and flicks his sharply tuned senses on as one flicks on a light switch. Beavers, their surprisingly agile bulk hindered by the land until they slide gracefully into the water, here they are in their element – strong legs, the water bulging between their webbed fingers, pushing powerfully through the water, propelled by their rough, paddle like tails. And those are just two of the fantastically amazing creatures that could be reintroduced to Britain’s wilderness; boars, Lynx, blue finned tuna, these are beautiful animals that once graced our land, and they should once more…

A brilliant site to learn more about Rewilding, see how you can get involved and read some extremely interesting articles on this topic is: – I really recommend you go to this site and find out more about this concept.

At the moment I am writing a talk on Rewilding called ‘Rewinding and Rewilding’ , I’m still writing it though, so expect more updates later!…