Hello!, I am Dawood qureshi (pronounced D-a-w-ooo-d if you don’t know, which is true of most people) AKA-The Green Naturalist-and this is my blog on the natural world.

I started this blog around 3 years ago because I realised I had a real need to share with other people what I really thought about the environment and my feelings on the wildlife that I observed around me. My interest in the natural world started when I was quite young, starting with reading wildlife books and watching documentaries by David Attenborough!; it was these documentaries especially that inspired me to follow my passion for nature, and what made natural history stand out from my other interests (dinosaurs, fossils,etc.) although these interests still stay with me today and still ignite my enthusiasm whenever i get a sniff of them!.

I did however, from an early age, realise that it wasn’t cool to be enthusiastic about wildlife at my age and that if you tried to share this enthusiasm with others in your age group you were soon left alone as ‘the weird one’ or ‘the nerdy guy’; as a result most of my wildlife observation was done by myself or with my brother (who hadn’t really got a choice anyway…still, i think he might have been a bit more enthusiastic!).

In this day and age, I believe that  the simple reason that there aren’t many more children of my age (seventeen, and teens in general) who are enthusiastic about wildlife is because they haven’t been given the chance to experience it in full glorious 4D!, I believe that the easier we make it for teenagers to become more involved in wildlife and conservation,and get out into the great outdoors, the more of them will. On top of this it is important to mention the real need to get people who are of a younger age on board with conservation and nature as they are the next generation, and this means that in years to come will have to run the world so to speak, and therefore they need to be aware of the environment or it will be dangerously overlooked.

As you may have guessed from my name, I am a muslim (not to be stereotypical, but this is generally the case), what this means is that i follow the religion of islam- and this in itself has also enabled me to get closer to wildlife and the environment as there are base teachings in my religion that tell us as muslims to protect the environment and nature. Being brought up on this meant that i had a passion for wildlife at a very early age, it also means that i have more than just one reason to be a conservationist and be involved in the protection of wildlife. It also means that in this blog i will sometimes say things such as ‘mashallah’ (a word used to express joy at something, or even thankfullness to god at such a thing), ‘subhanallah’ (glory be to god- another exclamation of joy at something so beautiful (such as the equisite white ermine moth-my personal favourite, by the way) and siting god as the cause for this beauty…yes i know, your probably getting the feeling that I’m a very joyous person at this point.

There will be other words as well, which i will explain as they come. This does not mean, however, that you cannot have your own views on any subject in this blog, feel free to give your own views and opinions on every and any subject you wish.

I myself am extremely passionate about all wildlife, but I do have a few favourites; the category that most of these fall into is insects, these animals really interest me simply because of the beauty and the complexity of their bodies and their behaviour; for example, take the ladybird(a personal favourite)-there are so many species and variations of this beetle, and each of them are exquisitely beautiful in a different way. In this blog I will be writing about the wildlife that I observe around me, and I hope that by this blog many people will be inspired to go out into the natural world and to see for themselves what lies out there and also to try to preserve this amazing environment not only for their own pleasure and experience, but for the sake of future generations aswell.

I am a member of the RSPB, AFON (A Focus On Nature) and also a regular volunteer for the wildlife trusts, on top of this I write wildlife and environmentally based articles for my schools newspaper and have recently guest blogged for the junior branch of the Wildlife Trusts; Wildlife Watch. Thank you!, hope you enjoy this blog!.


Ok thats not me…but what a beautiful view!

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